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Any ideas on how to make or where to purchase panels like the ones shown here that aren't too expensive? IMG_0386.JPG

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I am also interested in finding out.  We have a low ceiling with ceiling tiles, so we may try to suspend cardboard letters from the ceiling (decorated with the glittery paper).  I will need to look on pinterest for ideas.

Hi Angie.  Our church too has ceiling tiles & the ceiling is 9 ft in height.  This is what we are going to do, hopefully it works out.  I got a local contractor to donate used foundation boards to build the frames.  I was told that they can't be reused once a foundation is set by the contractor, so he was more than happy to donate them.  They are 17 ft long boards & show no signs of use.  With that said, we are building 3x8 ft frames, then paint them black.  I ordered black gossamer from Oriental Trading ($26 for a 3 fx100 ft roll).  I plan on using a heavy duty staple gun to attach the gossamer on the back of the frame.  I cut the letters from foamboard & will glitter them.  I am not 100% sure how I plan on attaching the letters since the gossamer is rather thin.  My husband suggested using velcro to attach, but it may take a lot since a 2 ft foamboard letter covered in glitter is a little heavy.  Hopefully this helps (so far the total to make the panels has been $45.00).

We thought about using chicken wire in barrel shape and stuff with tissue paper then use foam board to do the letters with.

How about foam insulation boards from a lumberyard for the large rectangle and then make the letters out or $1.00 sheets of poster foam boards?

We got pallets and screwed two together with 2" screws, and made a brace out of plywood. We got the pallets for free from someone in our church, and the hardware was not more than $50! We are crumpling black paper to give the effect of screens in the image, and ordered giant letters from shindigz.com They were $20 a piece, but worth it to not have to trace and cut out letters!  

I am  ordering balloons from Ebay that are 40" mylar either gold or silver are available that will go on my frames made from  2x4s

My husband (family pastor) plans on using tables laid upright, with black fabric covering them, and letters painted with sparkles cut of old Styrofoam signs and shining lights up under each letter. 

Thank you for the suggestion, the letters look great.  Our VBS Started last night, will have to post some pics of the setup.  By the way, the kids love this theme, they were all so energetic & excited about everything.

We are having our Go Fish "Shine" VBS June9-13.  If anyone would like to have our "Shine" letters and shinny mesh that goes over the letters to make it shine, please let me know... first come first served.  The signs will need to be picked up locally, or pay shipping and handling cost.  Not sure how much that would be, each sign is made of a heavy paper and mesh is very light.  Please note the metal bases are NOT included.  We are located in Houston,Texas.  
The photo is of the "S" but all letters of SHINE are included.  The mesh included covers the entire sign.  The mesh in the photo is just a sample.
Each sign measures 81"H x 39"W

We used door screens and attached letters made from foam core. We have a low ceiling so we attached the screens to a 1" pvc frame.

These look great!  I welcome additional photos!!!  Our VBS is July 14-18 in Rochester, Washington.

Sorry, we are a mobile church and everything is packed at the location where we are having our VBS. Not sure if I'll have time to send pictures during VBS. 

All the signs look the same and include the silver overlay, the overlay covers the entire sign from top to bottom. The background is dark blue and all the letters are orange with a white outline. You would need to make a stand for each letter or attach letters to a wall. 

My hope is that someone will definitely use them, they are very nicely made. 

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