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Any ideas on how to make or where to purchase panels like the ones shown here that aren't too expensive? IMG_0386.JPG

Opening & Closing Space 2


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We used left over framing boards, donated by a local contractor to build ours.  We constructed the rectangle frames to be 8 ft tall x 3 ft wide and attached them to approx 1 ft long "feet" for stability.  We used them for both VBS last year and again for our Christmas program.  We left the frames open and used black gossamer for the backing.  It was inexpensive and easily attached to the back of the frames with a staple gun.  Attached is a pic of how they turned out and will hopefully make my explanation a little more clear.. 


Any chance I could get them for August 2015?  That is if they are still in one piece! :) We would greatly appreciate them!



Amy Stephens said:

Hi - Once these letters have made their rounds for 2014, I would love to use them in June 2015.  We are going to reuse the curriculum for our church as this year we took it on our mission trip. You can message me at SpringboroUCC@gmail.com .  Thanks! Amy
Kim Walker said:

I would love to have them after you! I am located in Minnesota and our VBS is July 28th. You can email me at kim@parksidechurchmn.com and let me know what we need to do to get them here.

Tammy Drennan said:

Yes I did Kim Walker. Do you need them next? I will be happy to get them to you after July 17th.
Kim Walker said:

Tammy did you end up getting the Shine letters from R Davis?

Tammy Drennan said:

R Davis I am interested in the Shine letters, but wondering if we would get them in time. We are in Oklahoma and Our VBS is July 13 - 17. You can email me drennan1@itlnet.net. Thanks
Our VBS is the week of June 15th. Will post pictures once we have the letters up so you can decide if you want to use them.

They looked like they are canvas banners and should hold up well.  We would be blessed if we could use them.


Kendra Ohime

1641 19th Ave

Bloomer, WI


They are actually a posterboard-like material with a shimmery fabric overlay.

We made the panels last year. We used screen (like you would use for windows or doors. We did build a wooden frame and stapled the screen to the back. Worked great and looked fantastic on the stage!!

Here is a picture of ours.  They are made from a wooden frame painted black and the screen was stapled on.  The letters are foam core painted orange and covered with glitter.  These are suspended from a pipe that runs across the top of our stage.


They tell you at about  5:30 in on this video how they did it..   Woodframe and screens plus lights...

This is what we did for our stage...  We used pieces of plywood (from our photoboard that broke) and painted them black.  Our letters are used Styrofoam that we put on spray adhesive and then glitter.   The balls hanging from the ceiling are just Chinese paper lanterns from the dollar store also with spray adhesive and glitter.  We positioned the platform lights to point at the glitter balls and letters.  

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