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Partnering With You To Keep The Bible At The Center Of Vacation Bible School

We have several things left from Backstage with the Bible earlier this summer.  Please call Kate at 260-589-2991 for more specifics.  We are located in Indiana between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

1 package of 20 cds, 100 sets of guitar picks with Backstage Logo on each with hole drilled, large set of cardboard room signs (could be renumbered), several sets of 5 daily posters for Bible Study teaching, each poster is done in pastels on newsprint and is about 3x4 feet (day 4 poster is the only one pictured, but there are 5 in each set). 

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Kate, Are these things still available?  Are they free or for purchase?  I live in MN and am willing to pay shipping.

My email is vmmenning@mchsi.com


Mary Lou Menning
VBS Director at Valley Evangelical Free Church

Kate, I am interested in purchasing cds for Backstage with the Bible.  I live in CA, my email is jonvonah@gmail.com 

Thank You,

Jon von Ah

I have 20 CDs ( $85) and 25 lanyards with 24 nametags ($40). Let me know if you are interested can email me at aahm143@aol.com. Will be happy to ship to you.

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