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This is directed to the Go Fish Guys and/or VBS directors who previously used Backstage with the Bible....what makes the 2015 version different from the original? Is the curriculum,crafts,and songs the same? Go Fish is saying better than before, but how?

I've been using Go Fish VBS since Praise, and have always gotten positive responses from the kids, volunteers and parents. While we may not have used BWTB, several churches on our road did at the time. I'm concerned about low attendance and outreach b/c some may see it as "I have already done that before".

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Good questions Lisa!

Backstage is the curriculum that started it all and was released 6 years ago.  Churches have been relentlessly asking for it, but we've learned a lot in the past 6 years and wanted to bring it up to par with the last few VBS programs we've created.  We're passionate about Backstage because it contains some amazing Go Fish songs and teaches a rock solid gospel message.  When children go through this program they learn how to use their Bible, they understand the gospel message, and they're equipped to share it with others!

Here are some of the improvements we have made.

-All of the music videos are brand new!

-All of the music has been remastered, remixed, and we brought the band in and recorded a new version of "Saved".

-We updated and revised all of the elementary and preschool lessons, skits, crafts, snacks, take home sheets, coloring sheets, etc.

-The curriculum includes for the first time rotation/station posters, daily theme posters, promotional posters, computer files of all the videos used for presentation software, split tracks (audio and video), etc.

-We redesigned the entire curriculum.  New VIP passes, posters, lesson layouts, logos, artwork, banners, etc.

We feel that the message in Backstage is needed more today than it was even just 6 years ago!  We are so excited to share this VBS with a whole new generation.


Thank you for responding. That's exactly what I wanted to know.

Thank you for clarifying 2015 VBS.  Getting ready to order it.  I love the emphasis on the Bible!  It NEVER gets old and we can never tire of learning from it--even in a familiar setting!! Sybil

You're welcome Sybil. Thank you!

I'm having a hard time finding a Backstage 2015 thread, so I'm going to post here in hopes that someone can help.  I don't see a jpeg version of the Backstage logo.  Am I missing it or is there really just a pdf version.  Thanks!



Feel free to shoot us an email at orders@gofishresources.com and we can send you the jpeg versions if you'd like. Thanks!

Go Fish Resources

I found an online pdf to jpg converter, so I'm good.  Thanks for your quick response though! :)

I didn't see a file for name tags like in previous Go Fish curriculums. Am I missing something or is that not available?

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