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Partnering With You To Keep The Bible At The Center Of Vacation Bible School

Last year our church did Backstage with the Bible.  We decorated the sanctuary like

a concert stage.  We used a theater curtain backdrop that we got from oriental trading, and

used a drum set...different instruments and mic stands and made huge speakers using cardboard boxes.

We are considering doing Kickin It Old School this summer, but would like to do something

different with the decorating.  Any Ideas?

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I purchased black coreplast (like plastic cardboard).  We make them about 4 feet by 4 feet.  I project a hip-hop silhoutte  image on the corplast or the paper and cut around the image and hang on the wall throughout the rooms.  You could also trace this onto black paper.  It adds to the whole hip-hop theme.  I have added a picture to see what I mean.


We used a bright blue background painted on large cardboard and highlighted it by glueing old records and dvds onto it....Then we placed our stage instruments in front of that...drums, guitars/stands, and keyboard.  We also hung old records and dvds from the ceiling.  We used rope lighting on the floor and around the backdrop...We set the LCD screen for the videos in between the two sections of backdrop...It looked great!  :)  Good luck and have fun!

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