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Has anyone figured out how many yards of duck tape it takes to cover one 5-gallon drum? 

Has anyone found a cheap outlet for the Duck Tape?

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Dollar Tree has rolls for $1...smaller than standard size but cheaper overall, and it comes in silver and also in the decorative rolls.

Hi as far as duct tape.  I found a website where I ordered 1inch x 50 yard rolls of flourescent gaffer tape, http://identi-tape.com/gaffer-tape1.htm#fluorescent,  it is $10.50 a roll & flouresces really well under black light if you are doing the glowroom.  This tape glows better than glo duct tape & is much more reasonable for the amount of tape you get on a roll.  The website link above has the lowest prices I found online.

I am planning on 50 kids, so I ordered 5 rolls,  I figured that is 750 ft total of tape & will be more than enough for the kids to use.  Also assuming the kids don't cover the entire buckets since the white of the bucket will glow under the black light.

If you live where there is a Dollar General Store, you can use your $5.00 off coupon on Saturdays to buy $20 worth of Duct Tape and get $5 off. If you live close enough to the store, several trips would save!

Thanks for the link on the gaffer tape! Appreciate it!

look on www.dollar days.com 

I have found that consumercrafts.com had some 20 yard rolls (solid colors) for $2.97 which seemed to be the best deal I could find for the largest amount. And they have free shipping over a certain amount which is nice.

To cut costs,we are providing drums (buckets) already decorated by our youth group.  We have a rotating schedule and the drums will stay in the glow room for each group to use. Our craft ladies have lots of fun things planned in the craft department.

we are using wrapping paper as well as duct tape

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