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I just received my Gotta Move Curriculum from the USA and I am SO excited!!! I just love the songs, the opening and closing sessions and the addition of the missions time! You guys have thought of everything!! Please HELP me though to think of Team names.  We split our group into two teams for the week and we encourage healthy competition between the two and the kids really get into it - making up war cries and designing posters.  Only I am a really stuck with thinking up team names.

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We used Go Fish Praise last year and our team names were a BIG hit, so we are keeping the same team names this year.  Here are ours:

4 HiZZleZ - 4's

Praise PeepZ - 5's

Holy Hip HopperZ - Kinders

Righteous RapperZ - 1st

DJ'in DiscipleZ - 2nd

Godly GangsterZ - 3rd

Graffiti GirlZ - 4th & 5th grade girls

Heavenly HomeboyZ - 4th & 5th grade boys

Hope you have a great VBS!!!!



Lovely ideas - thank you Cathy. 

We are using the fruits of the spirit as our names. 

We are using fruit as our group names for easy identification and so we can blend ages if more come of a certain grade level than another.

We are naming our classes as well.  The first word in the name is a religious word and the second word is associated with movement.  Here is what we have so far...

Caring Climbers

Soulful Skippers

Truthful Trotters

Hopeful Hoppers

Devoted Dancers

Bible Bikers 

Jesus Jumpers

Righteous Runners

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