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Leftover CD's & Nametags from Praise & Backstage with the Bible

I have 18 CD's & 20 nametags from the Praise curriculum that I am selling.  I would like $3 per CD and throw the nametags in for free. 

I also have 30 CD's & 7 nametags from the Backstage with the Bible curriculum.  Same deal as above and I will pay for shipping. 

If interested please let me know!  :)


Charissa Wilkes

Glenwood Community Church

Glenwood, IA

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Hi, do you still have Backstage with the Bible Cds?

Hi Charissa

Was checking if you still had the 30 CD's from the Backstage with the Bible curriculum available @ $3.00 each?

I actually only have 28 CD's now. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! Jonathan would be first in line if he wants them. If not Linda, they are all yours!
There are still 7 name tags too that I will just throw in.

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