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If anyone has leftover materials from Praise or Gotta Move, I would be interested in purchasing them. We will be doing these 2 programs the next 2 years. We are located in Minnesota so would be willing to pick up or pay to have them shipped.


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What all are you looking for in Praise and Gotta Move? If you have texting, you can text me or call me at 304-485-6880.

We will be doing Praise this week, so don't need anything else for that. But, we will be doing Gotta Move next year, so will be in need of curriculum and any supplies, CDs, etc. that anyone has leftover.



I have a couple gotta move signs that can be used to decorate with and I have 120 music CD's.  If you are interested call me at 951-743-9357

Jenah Kuderman

Interested if still available

Jennifer B said:

Hi Jodi,

I have some Praise CD's and backstage passes and lanyards.  I have 37 CD's and 49 passes and lanyards. We purchased them from Go Fish for $5 per set, that was for a cd and pass set.  I'd be willing to send you all the cd's and lanyards for $185 plus shipping.  I figure that covers all 37 CD's and 37 passes and the rest of the passes are n/c. 

Our church is in NJ.  I sent some materials out last year and I think it was around $20.


Let me know if you would be interested in the materials.



These are pretty old posts, so I hesitate to call anyone without knowing if they are available.  Our church is doing Gotta Move this year.  We plan for about 100 kids (and have had up to 80).  Would love any extra resources anyone can spare!

Angie Hodge

Crossroads Foursquare Church

Rochester, WA

(3600 918-3269 (cell/text)

We did Gotta Move this summer (2015) and have some large decorations that were gifted to us from a church in Indiana who did Gotta Move last year. We'd be happy to gift them on to another church if anyone is doing Gotta Move in the future. There are two sets of all the fruit of the spirit (probably 2x2 or 2x3 feet each) and two large Gotta Move logo signs (4X8 feet approx.) Each fruit has a word on it (one of the fruits of the spirit.)  They are very light and made out of styrofoam and are nicely painted.  Feel free to call me at 262-243-3093 or email me at officedirector@christchurchmequon.org.


Anne' Erickson

Christ Church 

Mequon, WI (outside of Milwaukee, WI)

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