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I decided this year to go back a few and do the KIOS VBS.(You guys have come so far!!) I understood there was a risk with help/suggestions since it's been "discontinued" and that's fine, but the problem is I need those jpeg files for clip art and such that were suppose to be available on the website.

Go Fish Guys(or others), can you help me out?

Thanks in advance! ~Lisa

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All the files that were on the web site were also included on the CD-rom. Are there specific files you were hoping to get that you couldn't find?
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Yes, the color and B&W logo. Maybe it's b/c I'm not all computer savvy, but it's those 2 that I need in jpeg to be able to use on various items to be able to resize.

Oh, and was there ever any clip art for the crazy haired Granny?

I have the color one.


Thank you! 

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