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I just started to dive into my discs to look through the videos. Are there "opening" and "closing " messages this year? My office computer is rather old and won't open many of the mov or wmv files. I was looking for a listing of the order of songs, etc...

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The song order and everything you need for the Opening & Closing Pep Rally sessions is in your "Opening & Closing" sessions manual on your CD-Rom. The songs are also in the correct order on the Victory DVD when you select the "Opening & Closing Pep Rally Sessions" on the menu.

For Victory we included scripts to use for the opening and closing times instead of videos. Because there is a lot of back and forth between the up front person and the children (doing cheers, announcing the Spirit Stick winner, etc) we decided that having an actual person leading would be more effective than a video.

Thank you for using Victory...we hope it goes great!

Ok. Thasnks. My computer couldn't open the files but hopefully our tech team can!

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