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I don't know if any of you have gotten this far, but I had my first "intro to 2014 VBS" meeting last night for our volunteers and as I was discussing the rotations (Bible Story, Games, Crafts, Snacks) I stumbled across something that we need to work out"

1.  On Day 1, during the first rotation, only one group will be going to crafts where they will prep their drums and drumstick.  Meanwhile, the other groups will go to Bible Story, Games and Snacks.

2.  The kids are supposed to do their Funky Beats during Snack rotation

3.  What will those kids who have not been to crafts, do during the Funky Beats part of their Snack rotation? 

I welcome any creative solutions.

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Hi Lucie -

Some others may have better suggestions but we had a an idea on the topic. One is to have a set of undecorated bucket drums to play in Funky Beats on the first day. Then they could be moved to crafts later in the day to allow the last rotation to decorate. If you split your rotation groups and have half do snacks and half do Funky Beats for 10 min each...then you would need even less bucket drums pulled out of crafts.

Mark / Go Fish Customer Service

Great Idea Mark.  I may have to do that so every child can have a chance to do the Funky Beats.  I may even have them put their names on the buckets right away, and then move them to Crafts for them to decorate later on in the day!  We can write their names on the buckets with masking tape and then once in the Craft room, have them decorate completely with the Duck Tape. Thanks so much!!!

How many children are you expecting? Our VBS program is just under 40 children and we have them go to everything together. This way all the children experience the program together!

We have had about 125-130 Elementary Kids and about 30-40 Pre-K kids in the past, so I think my numbers will be about the same this year.  The Pre-K kids will be in their own wing of the church.  But my Elem kids are too many to rotate together and do the drum thing.  We have a huge cafe where we have had the whole group for snacks in the past, but this year, we will separate them out into smaller groups for better control during the drumming segments. 

Karen Tuck said:

How many children are you expecting? Our VBS program is just under 40 children and we have them go to everything together. This way all the children experience the program together!

I was just reading over and thinking on this today! Letting them drum and then making sure they have one to decorate which becomes theirs will work! Glad this posted today! I am getting buckets from a grocery store deli. I am so glad they are collecting for me!

I would have extra drums and drumsticks in that room for those kids

i was going to have a set number of drums to stay in the room that way the kids do not have to use their own drums. and plus our craft drums are not going to be the same size as the ones in the funky beats room.  That room will be set up for the week before hand

I too am going to have drums that stay in the "Funky Beats" room all week.  We have too many kids to try and keep track of that many drums all week and making sure everyone gets "their" drum during that segment will take up all our time!  They will just use some extras that we collect.

We had thought about just starting the 'funky beats video' on Tuesday so everyone has a drum by then. We will be leaving them in snack time every day (with names of course) and then the kids will take them home on Friday. Our only other option for Monday is to have the 2 other rotation of kids use their hands on the table or legs to do the Monday beat. We won't be getting extra drums - it was a feat to get the ones we did!  :)  

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