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Partnering With You To Keep The Bible At The Center Of Vacation Bible School

While we put a lot of time and thought into our snacks and crafts, we realize that many churches will pool their most creative people and come up with their own amazingly awesome ideas.  We have no problem admitting that children's workers are better at it than the three of us!

That's why we have this site!  If you are going to do crafts other than the ones we provide, please share them.  Who knows?  If your ideas are better, we will add them to the next printing of our manual.  Together we can assist children's workers everywhere!

If we pool our resources we can make this the coolest VBS ever!  Give us your ideas and we'll immediately post them and let everyone know what you came up with!  Thanks for your help.  For a great sample of what we've been given already, check out this craft video by www.ministry-to-children.com!  We are grateful to partner with so many of you to put the Bible back into Vacation Bible School.

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Great ideas!  I have two questions:  Did you do these crafts with preschool age children?  Where did you obtain the diecuts of Paul and Silas?  Thanks so much for sharing!

Yes, this works great for preschool age kids....and the die cuts we got from a die cut machine.  However they were just shaped like gingerbread men. We used brown & tan paper.  If you don't have access to a diecut machine you could use a gingerbread cookie cutter as a template to trace and cut them out for the kids ahead of time.


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