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Does anyone have any leads for companies that sell cheap bulk drumsticks?

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Amazon has some cheap drum sticks that cost around $20 for 12 pair. I'm also looking into either using dowel rods or bamboo chopsticks which are much cheaper. Not sure yet what to do about buckets though.

For buckets, I asked local bakeries and restaurants to save buckets for me. Still looking for drumstick option.

grocey store bakeries are a great place for buckets I ordered chopsticks for drum sticks there are no cheap bulk drumsticks

I ordered dowel rods from Joanns:  loew-Cornell 12" x 7/16"  6 Pk $1.99  Item # 10152528

I ordered 5 gallon nursery pots (10-pack) from Home Depot for $18.98.  Free Shipping.  These are not as sturdy as the ones that others are getting from bakeries, but they will work fine enough!

Now the hunt for cheapo Duct Tape!!! I don't even know how many buckets one roll will cover.  Anyone figured that out yet?

I am asking the congregation to donate rolls or sheets (available at craft store) of neon or bright duct tape. With the sheets if I get them I am gonna cut star shapes that can be applied like stickers to the drum. Remember that if your bucket is white, the white color glows with black light so I am NOT gonna have them cover it completely but decorate with a few stripes and stars etc.

I too got a pack of dowel rods at hobby lobby $2.49 for a pack of 12 that 5/16" x 12".

For buckets I spoke with a guy in our church who works in construction.  He can easily get me all the buckets I need - I will need to clean them out of course.  Check with painters or drywallers especially!

Thanks for sharing this idea Monique. I've heard that cleanup on the drywall mud buckets is easy if you wait until they have completely dried out. Then bang the bucket on hard service or hit the outside of the bucket with a hammer. I've been told by several folks that the dried drywall mud will crack and fall out of the bucket. If anyone tries cleaning them up, please share your experience. 



Monique Bergmeier said:

For buckets I spoke with a guy in our church who works in construction.  He can easily get me all the buckets I need - I will need to clean them out of course.  Check with painters or drywallers especially!

We asked local grocery stores to save buckets for us as well and that has worked great and cost us nothing.  We are not giving the kids their own set of drumsticks to take home.  We will keep sets in the glow room while they learn the funky beats, but we figured that kids can use anything when they get home--pencils, dowel rods, sticks, whatever.  We thought that was a cost that we could eliminate.  As far as duct tape, if you have a Michael's or JoAnns or Hobby Lobby, they all sell patterned duct and craft tape and the cheapest way to go is to go online and get their 40% off one regular priced item coupon and go buy rolls individually (divvy up the job among a bunch of people or go on several trips).  We estimated high at 11 feet (3ish yards) per child of duct tape but that is covering the entire bucket which isn't our plan but ensures we have enough.

Excellent company, Sweetwaters. These are only $1 a pair and they are real:


It will take you a long time, going through bakeries & what I''m reading here. Stop by a paint store early one morning. Talk to contractors. I got over 200 buckets in just several pickups that the painters saved me. Most gave them for free "as is" but one guy had his workers rinse them out for me. I gave him 25 cents a bucket.

I was buying buckets from our local Wal-Mart bakery for $1 (the money goes to children's miracle network), but we later found a professional painter in our church could save 5 gal buckets for us. We're getting about 10 each week. It would be worth calling a painting company to see if they have any or would be willing to put them aside. Other bakeries in our area refused to save buckets because they won't pass food safety inspection when they have old buckets lying around.

EDMWI.com is where I purchased our drumsticks when we had the Praise VBS. We used them as one of the craft projects.  I ordered the black drumsticks and let the kids decorate with metallic sharpies.

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