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Hey to all you wonderful VBS staffers!! We have 24 still in the package SHINE cds, 15 brand new name tags and lanyards, 7 written on and then erased but never actually used name tags and lanyards, the curriculum manual, the 5 disc media pack, and an additional Opening & Closing Sessions DVD. Would anyone be interested in buying the whole bunch for $150?! That's a little less than half of what we paid for all of it. I know it's too late for anyone to use them this summer (I am the world's worst procrastinator)......but maybe you could start planning ahead for VBS 2016? We loved the curriculum and the kids had so much fun with it. Our teens did the skits and were awesome. I personally loved the theme of being a "glory-giver", not a "glory-getter". Anyway, I will do my best to check here often to see if anyone is a deal-lovin' shopper like me! Thanks for your attention, and your love for Jesus and the kids!!   Barbe Hite, Emily Wesleyan VBS Director


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Barbe - 

We would be very interested. We are in SW Minnesota, so thinking shipping be the best connection. Please let me know if you still have your bundle for sale.


Hello, Karen!

  Sorry I am slow in responding. My dad had surgery on the 11th so I have been visiting him almost every day and now he is staying with us for a while before he goes back to his own home.

  Yes, the bundle is still for sale. If you would like to just call me at 763-516-1502, I can get your address, and get this off to you quickly.

  Thanks for responding. Hope to hear from you soon!






Did you sell your Shine stuff or is it still available? Barb

Hi, Barb

Just sold it last Friday. But thanks for your interest.

Barb Meyer said:

Did you sell your Shine stuff or is it still available? Barb

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