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Hey, Go Fish Guys, where are you?!  We miss you! I don't see where you have commented on anyone's recent posts.  I'm thinking something might be not so well and maybe all or one of you need prayer.  If so, just say the word and we will take you and your ministry before the Lord!  You have blessed us more than words can say with your gifts and talents; many kids have accepted Christ through your ministry.  Even our puppets "got saved"!!  We love you!!

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Thanks Sybil! We appreciate your support and concern. However, rest assured we are continuing to "fish for men" as we create new music, videos, and curriculum!

Oh how wonderful to hear from you!!  And more wonderful to hear you are still active and working on new material!  I would love to know if any of it would be ready before June!  I ordered another curriculum (non-commercial) with just lessons.  I pulled all of your music/DVD's to see if I can incorporate it into the curriculum or else my kids will be disappointed and (regretfully) bored.  If anything new is released in time--please let me know.  God bless you!!!  And thank you for your response! 

We won't have a new VBS curriculum this year, but are supporting the 3 that are currently available on our site.  We realize it's a bummer for the churches who have already used all of our current programs, but we'd appreciate your prayers for all the churches who are using us for the first time!

It's okay.  I went onto your website--getting ready to order Worship Resource Kit #3.  I think this will work for our music.  I will look forward to next year's curriculum!  Thanks!!

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