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What is something you give to your volunteers as a thank you for helping out? For me, this is something that comes out of the VBS budget which is already stretched so I'm hoping to get some bang for my buck but not something that seems "cheesy", if you know what I mean.

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We have about 70 volunteers and really no budget for gifts. I buy a large bag of snack size chocolate, dum dums, or smarties and put them in bowls out on the table of candy at our morning meeting before VBS starts each morning. We have a awesome lady that volunteers to have a snack table just for the workers in a non-VBS area. Workers take short breaks there. She treats us with fresh fruit and baked goods and beverages. It's her contribution to VBS. So nice!

Thank you. It's a little something like that I was thinking about doing, just didn't consider it during VBS. I might have it during their rotating snack times so the teachers aren't forced with Goldfish. We all need a little boost to get through the night.

We add the staff t-shirt cost into our budget and also a 5x7 (or 4x6) picture of the staff to give out each year. In addition, I usually make a special 'Director Survival Kit' for each of my station directors. All the items in it are theme related and 'somewhat' useful. It doesn't have to cost very much at all. Some items from dollar store, etc. I've attached a list from a survival kit that I put together from a previous VBS that we created. I realize we are probably a larger church than some and therefore have a bit larger budget - but I hope this helps and sparks some ideas.

and now, for the attachment. :) 


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