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OK-so I just got my VBS starter kit and noticed that there is a mention of Intermission Games, but there is no section in the director's manual that has any game ideas/lesson plans for games. Is there any place online where I can find the intermission games, or are we just supposed to come up with those on our own?

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Comment by Deborah Miller on April 22, 2011 at 1:09am

I found some great game ideas on ministry-to-children.com and tweaked them to the curriculum. I'm not sure which program you're leading, but here are the ideas we're using for Kickin' It Old School:

Day 1: God is our Creator

Game: Balloon Earth Relay

Two teams line up. Pass blue & green balloons over/under to back of line like regular balloon relay. Last person runs to board with big circle and tacks on balloon then runs to front of line. First team to finish creating Earth wins. 


Day 2: God is our King

Game: Toilet Paper Wrap Up *corresponds to Passover portion in Bible study

Like balloon relay. Two teams line up. Pass toilet paper over and under while unrolling it to back of line and then back up until roll is empty. First team to empty roll wins.


Day 3: Jesus is our Savior

Game: Object Freeze Tag

On a well-defined play area, freezer wears hat and tags (freezes) people. Unfreezer holds soft object and tags frozen people, allowing them to continue to run around. Games Leader blows whistle every 30 seconds for players to switch roles. There's no real winner in this game, it's just fun.


Day 4: God is our Truth 

Game: Army Drills Obstacle Course *corresponds to being in God's Army in Bible Study & Concert

Set up obstacles (run through tires, crawl under benches, climb over objects, etc.)


Day 5: God is our Rock

Game: North-Central-South *corresponds to God's unchanging character

Playing Area is designated by 3 lines labeled North, Central and South (lines on gym floor or create your own). Kids line up on the North line. Games Leader calls out "Central" & kids run to Central line. Leader calls either "North" or "South" and game continues, with Leader always calling kids back to Central. After several warm-up rounds, Leader begins calling last person to line out and has them judge game until last person standing. 


I hope these ideas help!







Comment by Adrienne Gillespie on April 18, 2011 at 2:23pm
I too just was wondering the same thing.  If anyone has any great game ideas, will you please share?  Love this curriculum, but got really used to the kind that had online registration, and everything written out for me!  I know, I sound lazy, but it really helped when you're talking about an inexperienced VBS director.  Game ideas would be fabulous!
Comment by Go Fish Resources on April 13, 2011 at 8:36am
We leave the games up you! Have fun!
Comment by Lorraine Sapp on April 13, 2011 at 7:38am
We enlisted some mature teens to come up with the games.  They did a great job. Plus they have all that energy night after night. There are tons of games if you google "games for bible lesson on--" online.

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