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why aren't there any VIctory VBS conversations? Looking for different crafts than what the curriculum offers.


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Comment by Joshua Kaleb Rhea on May 18, 2017 at 9:08am


Sounds exciting! Please share pictures! We are making on our final day, the wordless book out of felt we cut out to look like pennants. We started last year using our growth groups as a huge resource. We encourage all our growth groups to come on Wed. nights and help with VBS prep. Last night we had 23 folks that have never helped with VBS before. Also I was given around $200 to buy supplies we ran out of last night. As I pray for your upcoming VBS. I will be anxiously anticipating any new ideas you have to share. Btw I Love Love Love the museum idea!

VBS and will be watching for any updates you have. Love Love Love the museum idea!

Comment by Susan Winters on May 18, 2017 at 7:52am

Thanks Kerri and Joshua.

We are moving along towards are June 19 start date. Because of the size of our VBS (250+) we do crafts two days and games three days. Our Pre-school VBS of course has crafts and games every day!

We decided for crafts that K-3 will decorate foam art pennants and foam art visors on Tuesday and decorate plastic mega phones on Thursday. Grades 4 - 6 will decorate canvass water bottle holders on Tuesday and make large banner signs to decorate the gym for the Friday night Stadium Pep Rally Closing. I ordered all craft supplies from Oriental Trade. It was a bit pricey but the quality of the products are great.

We put a lot of effort into decorating the church. We are turning the Sanctuary into a football field with giant PVC goal posts. We are creating a Hall of Fame with t-shirts placed in frames that have the names of the Bible story characters on the backs of the shirts. Under each shirt display will be a small table with an item that represents the Bible figure ( ex: Esther- jeweled crown, David - Slingshot etc..) We are using a drum set plexiglass partition to create a museum like feel - look but can't touch!  We are also creating large photo stations of sports cutouts where kids can peer through the face hole and get their picture taken.

Comment by Kerri Clark on May 17, 2017 at 3:53pm
I understand cause I've wondered the same thing. For crafts have ordered decorate your own megaphones from Amazon for .60-.70 cents a piece. From Oriental Trading we ordered decorate your own pennant flags, craft rolls to use with contact paper or colored duct tape to make spirit sticks, sports sun catchers, and decorate your own sports cups with lids and straws.
Also, we usually have an extra rotation and one year they had a glow drum room but this year the curriculum doesn't have one so I'm making my own rotation and doing a Team Building room where they will have to do all types of team building activities. Human Knot, etc.... Should be lots of fun and Pinterest has tons of team building ideas!
Comment by Joshua Kaleb Rhea on May 8, 2017 at 3:48pm
You are more than welcome to see my Pinterest page www.pinterest.com/rheaville/

I have segmented each area crafts, snacks, Bible, and others. I wanted to make it easy to find things. I have been apart of several conversations. I am going to post several pictures as we go thru the process of building all the "stuff". I am always encouraged and excited to see the creativity of other church folk. :)

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